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The introduction of the Third Home Rule Bill in the House of Commons (1912) sparked the Home Rule Crisis (1912-14). Ulster Unionists sought to resist the implementation of the Act by armed force and as a result, the Ulster Volunteer Force was formed. This section contains newspaper clippings from the Belfast Telegraph and the Northern Whig, amongst other periodicals, regarding Edward Carson’s tour of Ulster, the ‘Curragh Incident’ (1914), and Anti-Home Rule sentiment in Ireland and abroad.

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Despatching the Covenant Through Ulster'
Ulster Day in Edinburgh'
The Enniskillen Horse'
The Boyne Flag'
The Ulster Campaign - Snapshots at Coleraine Meeting'
The Ulster Solemn League and Covenant Ratified'
Ulster's Resistance: Mr. Long and Bribery - Tribute to Sir E. Carson'
Ulstermen's Opposition to Home Rule'
One Crown, One Parliament, One Flag: We Will Not Have Home Rule'
Postcard Politics: Alas! Poor Yorick!'
Postcard Politics: Belfast Under Home Rule'
Pictorial Politics'
Pictorial Politics: Weight and Sea (Wait and See)'
The Voice of the Business Men'
Artisan Unionists' Protest Against Home Rule'
Trade Unionist Protest Against Home Rule'
Ulster and Compromise'