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Robert Garrett


Newspaper Photograph of Private Robert Garrett.

Life Story

Name: Robert Garrett.

Service Number: 12932.

Rank: Private.

Battalion. 6th Battalion.

Regiment: Royal Irish Fusiliers.

Born: Ballymacarrett, County Down.

Died: 15th August 1915.

Address: 6 Blenheim Street, Belfast


Robert Garrett lived with his wife Minnie at 6 Blenheim Street, Shankill Road, Belfast.

He had married Minnie Garrett, Nee Collins, on the 13th July 1912 and they went on to have sons Thomas Alexander, born 6th of September 1913 and Robert Wallace, born 16th of December 1915.

Robert joined the Royal Irish Fusiliers.

He was posted as part of the Mediterranean Forces on the 7th of August 1915.

Robert Garrett was a Private within the 6th Battalion, Royal Irish Fusiliers, when he was Killed In Action in Gallipoli, Dardanelles, on the 15th August 1915.

A local newspaper states.

Official intimation has been received that Private Robert Garrett, 6th Battalion, Royal Irish Fusiliers, was killed at the Dardanelles on August 15. Prior to enlisting deceased was employed at the Queens Island. He was a member of the Ravenhill Temperance Flute Band. His brother and five uncles are also serving their country. Private Garrett leaves a wife and child, who reside at 6 Blenheim Street, Belfast. His brother is serving on H.M.S Hampshire.

As documents show Roberts wife was pregnant at the time of his death, his second son, Robert Wallace Garrett, sadly being born four months after his father's death.

Roberts brother Samuel also sadly Died off the coast of the Orkney Islands on 5th June 1916, lost with H.M.S Hampshire. He is remembered at Plymouth Naval Memorial.

Another relative, an uncle, Private 12557 Alexander Garrett served within the Royal Irish Fusiliers until he was discharged on the 14th of December 1918.

Roberts family still live within the Greater Shankill Community.

Shankill Road poet and historian Albert Haslett, himself a Founding Member and Honouree President of S.A.S.H. spoke of his connection to Robert to S.A.S.H members often.

A Dependants Application Form shows his widow Minnie as claimant.

His Soldiers Effects were left to Minnie also.

He received the British War Medal, Victory Medal and 1914-1915 Star.

He is Remembered on the Helles Memorial, Turkey.

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