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The Shankill Roll of Honour contains biographical and military histories of the many soldiers from the Greater Shankill Area that served during the First World War. Sources of information include local community-donated content, and archived data such as medal index cards, medal roll cards, handwritten wills, pension forms, photographs, newspaper obituaries and family death notices.

Data was obtained from a number of sources including the Belfast Telegraph Library, the Ireland Census,, the National Archive, the Commonwealth War Graves Commission, and from families from within the community.

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Archibald McCartney.
David Bell.
Thomas Woods.
John Chisim.
William Clarke.
William John Gillespie.
William McFarlane.
William Mullen.
Richard Purdy.
Thomas Henry Sefton.
David Tully.
William Tully.
George Tully.
Charles Edward Uprichard.
Henry Wasson.
John Yates.
James May.
William Craig.